iOS Setup Guide

1) Open "Settings" (cog looking icon), navigate to "Mail" then select "Accounts"

2) Select the "Add Account" option

3) From the list of items, select "Other"

4) Select "Add Mail Account"

5) Fill up the following details in the following steps; ensure you have the IMAP option selected

- this will be your displayed name in recipient mailboxes (example Custom A Design Support)
Email - this MUST be your FULL email address (example
Password - the email account's respective password
Description - the label you wish to attach to the email account on your device (example Custom A Design Email)

Host Name - this MUST be your COMPLETE domain name (example
User Name - this MUST be your FULL email address (example
Password - the email account's respective password

6) After entering the required fields, select "Next" (top-right of your screen) then "Save" on the next screen presented.
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